Do I have to take the bus (both ways) for an excursion?

Because we need to keep a proper head count throughout the event, it is preferred that students take the bus. 

Can I sign up for my friend?

No, we need each student to sign up themselves because every individual needs to sign the liability waiver and receive a wristband.

Can my friend who doesn't go to Marquette come?

No. Events are financially supported by the student activity fee so we prefer to offer participation in limited-capacity events to as many Marquette students as possible.

Can I get a refund for my ticket?

Typically we do not offer refunds for excursions. If you have any questions, pleasure contact Jess Burkart (AMU 121).

I cannot go on the excursion anymore, can I transfer my ticket to my friend?

Yes, you can forward the e-ticket to your friend but they will still need to come to the CLSI and sign the waiver before they are allowed to go on the excursion.

Can I pay in cash for this event?

No. All Eventbrite ticket sales are online and via credit card. Please bring a credit/debit card to purchase your ticket.